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Possession of a Firearm by a Felon ChargeCareful consideration is given in Criminal Court to weapons charges, especially when they are criminal charges involving a convicted felon and possession of a firearm (gun).  The consequences of a conviction for Possession of a Firearm by a Felon Charge are serious and can result in jail time (41 months maximum prison sentence) as a Class G Felony under the Felony Sentencing Grid.

If you’ve been charged with Felon in Possession of a Firearm, it’s crucial to seek good legal advice from an experienced defense attorney.  Possession, and what constitutes possession, is often a key issue in the defense of such charges – Bill Powers, Criminal Defense Lawyer 

What is Possession of a Firearm by Felon in North Carolina?

Charges DismissedWhat is a Conditional Discharge in North Carolina?

In some ways, a conditional discharge is a lot like deferred prosecution.  In fact, many of the same terms and conditions for deferred, such as probation, may apply to a conditional discharge (and eventual charges dismissed).

The primary difference is that the defendant enters a guilty plea as part of conditional discharge, but the court does not enter final judgment.

How Can I Get My Charges Dropped?How Can I Get My Charges Dropped?

If you’re facing a criminal offense, whether felony or misdemeanor charges, it’s understandable you might be anxious.  The consequences of a conviction can be long-lasting and severe, making it hard to find and keep a good job.  That’s especially true for larceny, crimes of “theft or dishonesty” and drug charges.

As such, it makes sense to try to avoid a conviction if at all possible.  Charlotte criminal defense lawyers do more than review discovery, take cases to trial, or argue motions.  Indeed, a substantial part of our job is to consider options to avoid litigation and a criminal conviction by negotiating with the State (the District Attorney assigned to the matter).

Is DUI a Felony in North CarolinaIf you were arrested and face criminal charges for felony or misdemeanor offenses, we’re here to help.  Bill Powers is an NBTA Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Defense with 25+ years experience helping people.

This may be a difficult time for you or a loved one.  We understand how overwhelming it can seem.  That’s one reason it helps to have a defense lawyer standing by your side in court.  We’re here to protect your best interests – Bill Powers, Criminal Defense Lawyer Charlotte NC

Another reason to seek legal advice is to explain what has become an increasingly complicated legal system.  Good decisions are often centered on possessing the facts of the case, which necessitates hard work, preparation, and an attention to Constitutional Rights.

Can my charges get dismissed?Most people want to avoid a criminal record and jail time, which is understandable.  While there may be legal options available that could ultimately result in a dismissal of criminal charges or even certain traffic tickets, there are a lot of things to consider including the fact pattern, prior criminal history, and severity of the allegations.

At the same time, it’s a mistake to assume charges are automatically dismissed.

Conditions for a dismissal may include things like Deferred Prosecution, conditional discharge, community service, drug or alcohol treatment, psychiatric care, and even an occasional letter of apology.  A lot depends on what happened and the type of criminal allegations, felony or misdemeanor, district court vs. superior court, etc.

Lawyers in South CarolinaLive in Charlotte and face allegations of criminal charges in Rock Hill SC?  Need legal representation for a felony or misdemeanor charge or DUI in South Carolina?

Looking for a criminal lawyer in North Carolina and South Carolina?  Attorney Chris Beddow is available to answer your questions.

We enjoy helping people in both Carolinas with complex cases in criminal court and civil court.  It doesn’t matter if you have criminal charges or are suffering from a serious car accident, our firm is available for consultation  – Chris Beddow, Lawyer in Rock Hill SC

Attorneys Near Me Rock Hill SC
If you have a legal matter and Googled, “Lawyers Near Me,” we have you covered.  At the Powers Law Firm PA, attorney Chris Beddow practices law in both South Carolina and North Carolina.  If you’re looking for lawyers in Rock Hill, he’s here to help during your time of need!

We maintain an office location in York County, South Carolina (by appointment only) to make it easy for people seeking legal representation for DUI charges, allegations of criminal charges, felony or misdemeanor charges, and other legal matters.

In cases involving criminal defense, our law office provides a FREE CASE EVALUATION.  That means it doesn’t cost anything to call our office, ask legal questions, and see if our defense lawyers are available to help.  Everything you tell lawyers in South Carolina, both for a civil case or criminal case, are strictly confidential.  Lawyers keep secrets.  They don’t share what you tell them as part of the attorney-client privilege.

The “Blow and Go” – Do I have to get an Ignition Interlock after DWI charges in North Carolina?

Most people have heard of the ignition interlock device in NC.  It’s also occasionally called the IID by the general public or even the Blow and Go or in-car breathalyzer.  In simple terms, the interlock is a breath testing device that’s installed in your car that measures alcohol in your breath and electronically records the BAC reading.

Rape charges – Sex Offenses

Rape Charges in NCEveryone knows allegations of rape, statutory rape, sex offenses, and indecent liberties charges in South Carolina and North Carolina criminal court are serious.

A conviction for those types of felony charges can result in life-changing consequences, including the requirement to register as a Sex Offender. That’s serious stuff.

Rock Hill LawyersWere you or a loved one involved in a serious MVA or motor vehicle accident in Rock Hill or York County SC?  Is the insurance company or the insurance adjuster challenging your medical bills or lost wages?

Are they messing with you on the property damage and the value of the vehicle? Do you feel like you’re being treated fairly in your auto accident claim?

You may benefit from talking to an attorney.  It costs nothing to call our office, ask questions, and get some advice.

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