Fake ID Bad IDea




Fake ID Bad IDea

Everyone knows using a “Fake ID” is illegal; but, what really are the consequences?  While it may seem innocuous enough, there can be long-term consequences from a conviction.  High School and College kids may think it’s no big deal.  Many parents don’t take it too seriously thinking, “Well, I had one too.”

As an attorney whom has been practicing law for more than twenty-two years, I can say with a reasonable level of reliability that a substantial portion of our clientele:

  • Are Young
  • Don’t Always Think Things Through
  • Believe Urban Legends or On-Line Anecdotes
  • Fail To Understand the Long Term Consequences of Criminal Charges

North Carolina law reads in relevant part as follows :

NCGS 18B-302. – (e) Fraudulent Use of Identification:  It shall be unlawful for any person to enter or attempt to enter a place where alcoholic beverages are sold or consumed, or to obtain or attempt to obtain alcoholic beverages, or to obtain or attempt to obtain permission to purchase alcoholic beverages, in violation of subsection (b) of this section, by using or attempting to use any of the following:

(1)        A fraudulent or altered drivers license.

(2)        A fraudulent or altered identification document other than a drivers license.

(3)        A drivers license issued to another person.

(4)        An identification document other than a drivers license issued to another person.

(5)        Any other form or means of identification that indicates or symbolizes that the person is not prohibited from purchasing or possessing alcoholic beverages under this section.

NCGS 18B-302 is a statute that lawyers say “has teeth.”  That is especially true in factual scenarios where persons over the age of 21 assist in the provision of alcohol to someone underage.

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North Carolina Midemeanor Sentencing Charte 12-01-13 On or After Offenses

You had a license, not anymore.

(g)        Conviction Report Sent to Division of Motor Vehicles. – The court shall file a conviction report with the Division of Motor Vehicles indicating the name of the person convicted and any other information requested by the Division if the person is convicted of any of the following:

(1)        A violation of subsection (e) or (f) of this section.

Upon receipt of a conviction report, the Division shall revoke the person’s license as required by NCGS 20-17.3

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§ 20-17.3.  Revocation for underage purchasers of alcohol.

The Division shall revoke for one year the driver’s license of any person who has been convicted of violating any of the following:

(1)        G.S. 18B-302(c), (e), or (f).

(2)        G.S. 18B-302(b), if the violation occurred while the person was purchasing or attempting to purchase an alcoholic beverage.

(3)        G.S. 18B-302(a1).

If the person’s license is currently suspended or revoked, then the revocation under this section shall begin at the termination of that revocation. A person whose license is revoked under this section for a violation of G.S. 18B-302(a1) or G.S. 18B-302(c) shall be eligible for a limited driving privilege under G.S. 20-179.3.

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