Telling Truth To Lawyer

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In criminal cases, whether it’s a DUI or a misdemeanor, even a felony – heck, even traffic tickets – it’s not unusual to have a client later fess up when they’re talking to us in the office and say “I didn’t tell the truth to the officer.” Now, that’s not unusual. People get nervous. They don’t always answer the right way.

There are times that that needs to be corrected.

For example, if you gave someone a fake name, you use your cousin’s name – we see these a lot on driving revocation types of cases – there may be some duty or responsibility to clear some things up.

On the other hand, in DUI cases, if the person’s going to get on the stand I think the really easy line of demarcation is to realize that if you put your left hand on the Bible and raise your right hand you’re going to tell the truth. You have to tell the truth. You cannot continue to live in that falsehood or that lie.


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As a lawyer we are required to make sure that if you’ve told us something and you change your story on the stand, we have to make sure that the truth comes out – good, bad, or ugly.

Either way, call a lawyer. We’re more than willing to provide a confidential consultation. There’s no set rule other than generally speaking is the best way to go.

Even if you made a mistake in the past you don’t want to keep making the mistake in the future. It’s much worse committing a felony by perjury in trying to get out of a misdemeanor. It just doesn’t make sense. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you. Give us a ring.

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The attorney–client privilege is one of the oldest recognized privileges for confidential communications.[1] The United States Supreme Court has stated that by assuring confidentiality, the privilege encourages clients to make “full and frank” disclosures to their attorneys, who are then better able to provide candid advice and effective representation.

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