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NC Advocates for Justice – I’m Just Sayin’

In North Carolina, ‘I’m Just Sayin’ means, I am going to speak the truth, even if it is not popular.  It is, was, and always has been the truth – Bill Powers, President NCAJ 


NCAJ Bill Powers  President’s Column NCAJ


Spotlight: Bill Powers Steps into a Rare Role By Sonya Pfeiffer



It is no secret that there is this thing between Raleigh and Charlotte.

The sometimes obvious, sometimes subtle thing. Not exactly a competition or rivalry; indeed, if you ask any nice and polite North Carolinian from either city you are likely to get a politically correct response, like “we need each other.”



DOWNLOAD:  Best Of the Business, Paralegals Are Unsung Heroes No More 

Best of the Business, Paralegals Are Unsung Heroes No More

Paralegals do not work for us; they work with us and are an integral part of the team. They are patient. They are kind. They do not boast. They are not easily angered. They rarely keep record of wrongs. They always protect, always trust (but verify), always hope and always persevere. Without our professional legal staff, we simply could not provide, with any level of consistency, quality legal services that help make the lives of our clients better – Best of the Business, Paralegals Are Unsung Heroes No More


North Carolina Advocates for Justice nomCOMM 2016 Team

Committee Chair and President Elect Bill Powers is pleased announce the North Carolina Advocates for Justice Nominating Committee or “nomCOMM” 2016 Team.

The Board of Governors unanimously elected the nomCOMM Team during the January 20, 2016 BOG Meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina at NCAJ headquarters.

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