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Whether you call it DUI or DWI or even drunk driving, a conviction for impaired driving in North Carolina carries consequences. It’s normal for people Can I get my DUI reduced? to ask, “Can I get my DWI charges reduced or amended to something like reckless driving?”

If you have questions about a pending charge or are dealing with the fallout of a conviction and have issues with your driver’s license and NCDMV problems, call us.

Facing criminal charges alone, whether it’s for a serious felony or even a minor speeding ticket can be tough. That’s especially true if you have little experience with the court system and don’t how things work.

Are DUI Checkpoints Legal?The North Carolina Court of Appeals has weighed in, again, penning an opinion that will likely affect DUI Checkpoints in Charlotte NC.

Judge Davis, joined by concurrence with Judges Calabria and Elmore, in North Carolina v. Macdonald (also referred to as State v. Macdonald) has vacated the ruling by Mecklenburg County Superior Court Judge Hugh Lewis and remanded the matter back to Mecklenburg Superior Court for further findings.

Checkpoints involve more than just DWI charges.  Law enforcement may call them “Drunk Driving” checkpoints, license checks, safety stops, and even missing or “wanted person” checks.

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