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Santa Beach VacationWith the holidays fast approaching and the year coming to an end, we normally sit down and start planning the next calendar year.  For attorneys whom practice in the Charlotte-Metro region, we consult the Mecklenburg Court Holiday Schedule and the surrounding districts:

Charlotte CourtThe 26th Judicial District in Mecklenburg County is located at 832 E 4th St, Charlotte, NC 28202 and housed within the Mecklenburg County Courthouse.  Here is some useful info on Charlotte Mecklenburg Court Schedules and Calendars:  

Mecklenburg County Court Schedule January through April 2016

Mecklenburg Count Judges Schedule May through August 2016

Knowing How Court is Scheduled in North Carolina, and perhaps who CAN I GET MY CASE CONTINUED?holds the reigns, is valuable information.

Some people facing criminal charges in Charlotte would just rather forget about legal troubles or wish they would go away.  

That’s normal.

CalendarCharlotte Mecklenburg District Court Judges Schedule – Calendar Year 2015 is broken down into three periods:

  1. January through May 2015
  2. May through September 2015
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