NC Court Update – Coronavirus


This morning at 11:00 a.m., the Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Court formally announced her Order regarding the Coronavirus.  It will affect court calendars, continuances, and future settings in North Carolina.

The procedures and protocols apply statewide, involving a substantial number of civil matters and criminal charges in Charlotte, N.C.

To be clear, the court system will remain operational.

Court will be open for business, subject to certain limitations regarding the calendaring of matters for trial or disposition.  Our law office and defense lawyers will continue helping clients with their legal issues during this unprecedented time – Bill Powers, Charlotte Attorney 

The Court system and courts in Mecklenburg County, as well as throughout all of North Carolina, will conduct the important business of the court, complying with statutory and Constitutional mandates.

Continuing Criminal Cases

If you have an upcoming court appearance, beginning Monday, March 16, 2020, there is a good chance your case will be continued by the Court.

It’s important to note the Chief Justice’s plan of protection does not close the courts entirely.

Certain matters, especially those already active in litigation, may proceed forward in limited circumstances.

The vast majority of traffic court, DWI charges, and criminal charges will be continued.

The Chief Justice gives direction to the various District Courts and Superior Court Judges in North Carolina, encouraging the use of technology when possible.

The Court’s Order encourages “social distancing” and otherwise restricts access to the respective courthouse facilities by people sick with COVID-19, the flu, and even common colds.

By continuing matters by Order of the Court, substantially limiting in-person court appearances, the hope is to limit unintentional exposures to the Coronavirus.

The administration of justice will be delayed, not denied.  For matters subject to Constitutional protections, the Courts will remain open.  As such, our law office and criminal attorneys will continue attending court as directed – Bill Powers, Charlotte DWI Lawyer

Our team of criminal lawyers and legal support staff are actively calling clients with pending matters, advising them of possible continuances.

Legal counsel will continue to monitor court dates, appearances, and upcoming trial settings.

Mecklenburg County Courts – March 2020 Special Court Calendar

The Mecklenburg County Court system has set forth a calendar to reflect the times, dates, and courtroom locations for things like Bond Hearings, Probable Cause hearings, and other essential or mandatory appearances.

It’s important to understand updating the public access NC Court Date Inquiry may be delayed, as continuing cases in Charlotte is a substantial undertaking.

The Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court may also send written notice of future court dates and settings for criminal charges in Mecklenburg County.

Matters may be reset for hearing even before the previously assigned date for trial or disposition.

Given the number of pending traffic tickets, felony, and misdemeanor charges in Mecklenburg County, the Clerk of Court will be updating court dates as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

We recommend our clients watch for updates and emails from the firm.


Mecklenburg Count Coronavirus Calendar

The Chief Justice’s Order will most certainly cause a tremendous number of inbound calls to the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Court’s Office, the DA’s Office, and defense lawyers.

We respectfully remind clients of the following:

  1. The Clerk of Court in Mecklenburg County, while extremely efficient, may take time to update court appearance dates.
  2. Continuing matters for 30 days, including traffic court tickets, charges, and infractions, DWI charges, and both felony and misdemeanors in District and Superior Court, is consistent with an ordinary continuance in Mecklenburg County.
  3. Patience, kindness, and civility are necessary, appropriate, and to be expected.
  4. As defense lawyers, we will keep apprised of changes, special settings, and hearings, advising clients as we are able.
  5. It is better to confirm dates with your defense lawyer, rather than assume all courts are closed in Mecklenburg County.
  6. The Mecklenburg County Courthouse will remain open for legal filings and other NC Constitutionally mandated court appearances and hearings, including:
    1. Bond Hearings
    2. Probable Cause Hearings
    3. First Appearance Setting
    4. Ex Parte Domestic Violence Protective Orders
    5. 10-Day Domestic Violence Protective Order (50B) Hearings and Trials
    6. Empaneled Grand Jury and Superior Court Jury Trials

Court Calendars in NC and Important Sources of Information

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  2. Mecklenburg County Court Closing Schedule 2020
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  5. Scheduling Bond Hearings in Charlotte NC
  6. Charlotte Criminal Defense Lawyer Bill Powers 

Have questions about an upcoming court date in Charlotte?

Limiting court appearances in Charlotte does not mean our courts in Mecklenburg County are closed.

Your criminal defense lawyers will continue to monitor the case, review discovery, prepare motions, and file Motions to Suppress, and Motions to Dismiss as may be appropriate.

Put simply, the defense lawyers at Powers Law Firm PA will maintain their daily tasks and responsibilities.

We still will be in court handling matters for clients and available for consultation.  

We are limiting person-to-person contact with clients, requesting instead video-conferencing and phone appointments.

If you believe you are ill, have the flu, and/or have been exposed to the Coronavirus, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER THE MECKLENBURG COUNTY COURTHOUSE.

We want to protect the safety and health of our legal staff and clients.

As such, if you have been exposed to the Coronavirus or feel at all ill, PLEASE DO NOT COME TO OUR LAW OFFICE.

Contact your criminal attorney in Charlotte to obtain additional information about your upcoming court appearances.

Please provide documentation to your lawyer of any illnesses that may necessitate filing a Motion to Continue future trial settings for your charges beyond the time-frame set forth in the Order of the Chief Justice.

We will get through this, understanding the process may at times be a bit frustrating.  We’re here to help, if you need legal advice, please call now – Bill Powers, Charlotte Criminal Defense Lawyer 

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