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Is DUI a Felony in North CarolinaIf you were arrested and face criminal charges for felony or misdemeanor offenses, we’re here to help.  Bill Powers is an NBTA Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Defense with 25+ years experience helping people.

This may be a difficult time for you or a loved one.  We understand how overwhelming it can seem.  That’s one reason it helps to have a defense lawyer standing by your side in court.  We’re here to protect your best interests – Bill Powers, Criminal Defense Lawyer Charlotte NC

Another reason to seek legal advice is to explain what has become an increasingly complicated legal system.  Good decisions are often centered on possessing the facts of the case, which necessitates hard work, preparation, and an attention to Constitutional Rights.

Many defense lawyers will want to begin taking a “big picture” approach before focusing on the individual fact patterns of a case.  Prior to asking questions, our defense lawyers, after long experience, find it helpful to explain the legal system, how the courts work, and what to expect next in the process.

Top 3 Things To Do When Arrested

The next steps include reviewing the charging documents, the Warrant for Arrest, Indictment, Release Order, Search Order, police officer citations, notes, reports, etc.  It also may include pulling up the public, electronic documentation that may be available on-line.  And at our firm, we also have access to what defense attorneys may refer to in shorthand as “ACIS” (court information system) or “AOC” (administrative office of the courts) database to determine the case number, court dates, and officer information.

The first step of legal representation starts with an analysis of the criminal charges.  Defense lawyers need to determine the nature and extent of charges.  As such, when you call our office we’ll start off asking a series of questions and explaining how things proceed with legal representation.

I like to introduce myself and get to know the person I’m talking to.  Normally our first contact is via a phone call or a video conference after receiving an email or text.  Defense lawyers like to confirm there aren’t conflicts of interest – Bill Powers, Charlotte Criminal Defense Lawyer 

The next steps of the initial interview may involve looking up case numbers, confirming whether the accused is in custody (jail), and maybe even setting up a face-to-face office conference.  At our law firm, that’s all free of charge.  We provide free legal advice at the beginning, which includes letting potential clients know the best-case and worst-case scenario.

Will a Criminal Defense Lawyer Visit the Jail? 

We thereafter may send additional information by email regarding the NC criminal laws and potential sentencing issues.  Sentencing for criminal charges is relatively complex in North Carolina, that’s true whether the allegations are felony or misdemeanor charges.  As part of that, we may provide copies of the NC Felony Sentencing Grid and misdemeanor sentencing.

Should I hire a lawyer?  How much are legal fees?

Frankly, that occasionally is the first question potential clients may ask our criminal defense attorneys.  And while a normal, reasonable inquiry, the response more often than not is, “It depends.”  We’re not trying to be coy.  We want to provide helpful information; but, it’s a mistake to assume every lawyer has a set rate, irrespective of any other factor.

The good news is, as stated, we charge nothing for the case evaluation on criminal charges.  That’s not the case with family law and divorce matters, where we charge both an initial consultation fee and hourly rates.  As to criminal charges, we normally charge flat rates and will even work out payment plans as may be necessary.

In order to do so, in order to set appropriate legal fees, we need to know both the full extent of the criminal charges and what the goals are of the client.

How To Beat DWI Charges in NC

Each case, like each client, is different.  Your goals may differ from others.  What may be important to you in addressing felony charges could be opposite of someone else.

We consider things like the overall number of charges, the severity of the criminal charges, where they took place, prior criminal record, the amount of time anticipated to be needed and the complexity of allegations.

Matters for trial in superior court, like Murder charges for example, are considerably more expensive than a misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia case.  In DWI charges some people want fight the charges and “take the case to Court.”

Other clients wondering are DUI charges are a felony in NC may only want to limit their exposure to jail time for Felony DWI or “Habitual DWI.”  Other DWI cases may involve supervised probation, fines, costs of court, and obtaining a “hardship privilege” or Limited Driving Privilege for DWI first offense (when eligible).

We thinks it helps to have a lawyer.  While not required, part of the anxiety of facing criminal charges in Charlotte NC may involve not knowing where to go or what to expect – Chris Beddow, Criminal Defense Lawyer Charlotte NC

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