What is the History of a Carolina Slaw Dog?

Happy 4th July Bill Powers


Fourth of July Celebrations and Cook Outs: What is the History of a Carolina Slaw Dog?

King George III North Carolina History

History of North Carolina, Traditions, and Culture

  • North Carolina was first settled in 1587
  • In 1663, King Charles II awarded to the Lord Proprietors the Province of Carolina
  • The Lord Proprietors sold their interests in Carolina back to the English Crown / George II
  • German born, Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz  (19 May 1744 – 17 November 1818) was the wife of King George III
  • While subject to some speculation, Queen Charlotte is thought to have modified her native  Frankfurter Würstchen to what is commonly known as the Carolina Slaw Dog**



Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz

History of the Carolina Slaw Dog:  Queen Charlotte’s “Splendid Garnish”

During the North Carolina Hot Dog Convention in 1774, at the request of Queen Charlotte, Carolina representatives drafted and ratified what has been become known as the Hot Dog Etiquette – Proper Toppings Act**

Transplants please be aware that within the territorial boundaries of North Carolina, the following Splendid Garnish are approved pursuant to the #ProperToppingsAct:

  • Slaw
  • Mustard
  • Onions
  • Chili

Indeed, with the abounding growth in North Carolina due to transplants, one would be remiss in failing to further note that “BBQ” is a noun and not a verb.




“Cooking Out” on the 4th of July is most certainly not Barbecue or “Barbecuing” or BBQ.

“Grilling” or “Grilling Out” are also acceptable terms for cooking Hot Dogs outside on either a charcoal or gas grill.

**There is no such Act, Resolution, Hot Dog Convention, or Splendid Garnish in North Carolina

Province of Carolina

Carolina Slaw – Not a Condiment, Not Really a Side Dish


Condiment Etymology Bill Powers



The etymology of the word Condiment is from the Latin word condire ‘to pickle.’  There is nothing about Carolina Slaw that involves a pickle – Bill Powers 


Slaw in North Carolina may technically be eaten as a side dish, with the proviso that Brunswick Stew is also served.  While approaching epicurean anathema, baked beans may be substituted for Brunswick Stew.

Proper decorum dictates slaw stays on top of the dog.  Stew and/or beans are side dishes and are in large measure superfluous.

As one of the Prima Facie “Splendid Toppings,” slaw is comprised of an an equally stringent ingredient(s) list:

  • Finely Chopped White Cabbage
    • Green Exterior Leaves Removed
    • Perfectly Square Pieces not to exceed 1/4″
  • White Vinegar
  • White Sugar
  • Salt


Contrary to opinions otherwise, slaw does not have any of the following ingredients:

  • Carrot
  • Green Pepper
  • Onions
  • Celery Seed
  • Mayonnaise
  • Red Cabbage
  • Green Cabbage – Exterior Leaves


Operation Firecracker. Please be careful this 4th of July Holiday



Carolina Slaw Dog – Quick Answers:

Does a Carolina Slaw Dog Have Chili?  Yes 

Are Beans Part of Carolina Slaw Dog Chili?  No 

Does a Carolina Slaw Dog Have Onions?  Yes 

Does a Carolina Slaw Dog Have Mustard?  Yes 

Does a Carolina Slaw Dog EVER Contain Ketchup?  No 

**Did Queen Charlotte Really Introduce the Slaw Dog?  Maybe, Who Knows?  


NOT Carolina Slaw Hot Dogs


Whipped Dinner Spread is to Butter as “Carolina Style Hot Dogs” are to a Carolina Slaw Dog 

Contrary to the title, the above image does not depict a Carolina Slaw Dog:

  • Missing Neon Yellow Mustard
  • Carrots in Slaw and Improper Chop
  • Green Cabbage – Exterior Leaves
  • Improper Chili
  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup or Ketchup Based Chili


On a More Serious Note – Heads Up:  Operation Firecracker.  Please be careful this 4th of July Holiday!


Let’s keep this time of fun, family, and celebration safe.  Please be careful this 4th of July Holiday – Bill Powers 

  • Hot Dogs  √
  • Sparklers (firecrackers are illegal in North Carolina) √
  • Red White and Blue outfit √
  • DWI Impaired Driving Checkpoint – Wait, What?


While we may not like to think on such things, major holiday celebrations often are some of the most dangerous driving day(s) of the year.  Law enforcement are well-aware of Traffic Fatality Statistics. Sometimes motorists can become focused on relaxing and forget situational awareness.

That’s one reason why North Carolina Police Officers, Highway Patrol, and Sheriff’s step up Highway Traffic Safety Enforcement.

It is important to realize, one of the prior areas for focus is Impaired Driving.


Consider This:

  • Generally Speaking, “holidays” are working days for Law Enforcement
  • With celebrations and travel, people sometimes consume more than they would ordinarily or “back home”
  • Given Traffic Fatality Statistics related to Impaired Driving DWI DUI, North Carolina conducts Sobriety Checkpoints


See More:  Holiday Traffic Safety Statistics 

Operation Firecracker

What is Operation Firecracker?

  • Statewide Enhanced DWI Impaired Driving Enforcement
  • DWI DUI Checking Stations
  • Saturation Patrols
  • Increased Law Enforcement Patrol Presence
  • Part of Booze It and Lose It Campaign
  • Runs from June 24th through July 5th 2016


North Carolina Don't Drink and Drive 2016


Booze It and Lose It – Operation Firecracker 2015 Metrics:

  • 1,785 DWI Arrests During 2015 Campaign
  • 111 Wrecks involving Impaired Driving
  • Five Deaths / Alcohol Related Crash Fatalities
  • Accounting for 31% Total Fatalities During 4th of July Holiday


North Carolina Alcohol Beverage Control ABC – Holiday Sales


No ABC store will be open and no ABC employee can sell alcoholic beverages of Fourth of July – Bill Powers 


ABC Holiday Sales


Other Interesting 4th of July Legal Stuff:

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