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What We Do?

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The lawyers and support staff at Powers Law Firm, PLLC want to help people. We want to provide information, guidance, and advice on how the legal system works.

If you, a friend, or a family member are facing Criminal, Traffic, or Impaired Driving DWI charges in North Carolina, we hope you will consider calling our firm.

From the outset, we let the client know:

  • There is NO CHARGE for the initial Consultation
  • The information shared with an attorney is CONFIDENTIAL
  • Even if you choose NOT to retain the firm, that's OK.
    • Everything is still confidential
    • There is no charge to talking with our attorney(s)
What is an “Initial Consultation?” who what when where why

Well, that somewhat depends on what you want. Those words are not necessarily magic or have hidden meanings.

There are no hands on the clock. We're not keeping track of time. . .because we are not sending you a bill for our time when you first call.

Actually, we generally do not charge an hourly rate. Normally our legal fees for Criminal, Traffic, and DWI Impaired Driving are flat rate.

If you call to ask questions and obtain more information, we do not charge you for our time. In fact, we do not send an invoice or bill unless someone asks for our help. Indeed, we normally provide a contract to people, setting forth what is and is not included in legal representation.

So if you call and talk with us during the day or after hours – There is NO CHARGE

If after speaking with one of our attorneys you decide to set an office visit and meet with our attorney(s) – There still is NO CHARGE

Put simply, part of retaining an attorney is finding out what that costs. We also prefer to meet with people, in person, to see if we believe the firm can be of assistance.

What Do We Cover During the Initial Conversations?

As attorneys, we often become involved with a case after things have happened. While we do occasionally get calls when things are developing, normally someone has already been charged and/or arrested by the time someone calls.

‘The sooner the better,' is our general piece of advice when people ask, ‘When should I call a lawyer?” – Bill Powers

Because lawyers commonly talk to people after an arrest or receiving a citation or being charged, we ask a lot of questions. Lawyers need to know:

  • Who is Calling?
  • Where are the Charges?
    • What County?
    • What State?
  • What are the Allegations or Offenses?
  • Has Anyone Been Arrested?
  • Have You Given a Statement?
  • Where are You?
  • Are You in Jail?
  • What are the Conditions of Release or Bond?

At Powers Law Firm, we generally prefer to discuss the specifics of a case at the office. . .if that is possible. If someone is in Jail, we will go visit them.

If you are in custody or calling from the Jail, be advised: PHONE CALLS MAY BE RECORDED.

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What Documents Do We Need for the First Visit?

While some materials regarding a charge and arrest are available on-line, there may be a delay in the posting of charge(s).

As such, we like to review materials have been provided as part of the normal charging (and arrest) process and answer questions people may have about what the documents mean.** That may include:

  • Uniform Citation
  • Arrest Affidavit
  • Charging Officer Affidavit
  • Conditions of Release and Release Order
  • N.C.G.S. §20-16.2 Rights Form

**For a variety of reasons, initially there may not be much, if any, paperwork available to review. It's ok if you do not have or have lost your paperwork. The originals are in the Court File.

There also may be additional materials in the possession of the Charging Officer that have not been made part of the Court File.

If the matter is a Felony, the laws of North Carolina have a process to obtain “discovery” of the documents associated with the investigation, arrest, and charging of the person accused.

See More: Serious Felony Investigations by Law Enforcement

After some discourse with the District Attorney, we will help obtain and provide to you all the important, relevant materials and documentation necessary for representation.

Good decisions are made after reviewing all the materials of any case and working through options – Bill Powers

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Client Reviews
I am so fortunate to have had Bill Powers on my case. Upon our first meeting, Bill insisted that through the emotions of anger, sadness, confusion, and betrayal that I remain resilient. He was available to answer questions with researched, logical, truthful answers throughout our two year stretch together... J.R.
Bill Powers and his firm were a true blessing. If anyone is contacting an attorney, it's more than likely not from a positive life experience. If there was a rating for "bedside manner" for lawyers he'd get a 10/10 for that as well. The entire staff were helpful... K.C.
Bill Powers’ staff has handled several traffic citations for me over the years, and they exceeded my expectations each and every time. Would highly recommend anyone faced with a traffic citation or court case contact his office and they will handle it from there. M.C.
Bill and his staff are flat out great. I (unfortunately) was a repeat customer after a string of tickets. These guys not only took care of the initial ticket for me, but went the extra mile and reduced my problems from 3 to just 1 (very minor one) on the same day I called back! I would recommend them to anyone. A.R.