What is the Most Often Cited DWI Evidence

What is the Most Often Cited DWI Evidence

Impaired Driving Testimony.  Manifestations of Alcohol Consumption and Proof.  What is the Most Often Cited DWI Evidence?


Alcohol breath odor is the most frequently cited observation by US police officers in alcohol related traffic offenses – Southern California Research Institute


  • Strength of Odor
  • Slight, Moderate, or Strong
  • Probability of Detecting Alcohol Low and Variable
  • UNTIL High Breath Alcohol Concentrations


Odor of Alcohol


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Studies of Opinions Regarding the Odor of Alcohol

  • Epidemiological studies report many false negative errors
  • Subjects hidden behind screens
  • Prevent all cues EXCEPT for odor
  • Under optimum laboratory conditions
  • After food consumption, correct detections declined



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Odor of Alcohol Reliability Testing



Is Odor Strength Related to Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)?

  • Odor Strength Estimates Unrelated to BAC Levels
  • Estimates as to BAC Inaccurate
  • “Random Guesses”


These results demonstrate that even under optimum laboratory conditions, breath odor detection is unreliable – Southern California Research Institute


Odor of Alcohol False Positive Test Results



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