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Orders for Arrest OFA and Mecklenburg County Warrants:  What Happens if I have a Warrant for Arrest?

If you have questions about an “OFA” or an outstanding warrant in NC, our team of Charlotte criminal defense lawyers is here to help.

It’s important to immediately address any outstanding legal process, whether it be a Criminal Summons in North Carolina, an Order for Arrest (OFA) or Warrant for Arrest or “Arrest Warrant” – Bill Powers 

How long will I be jailed in North Carolina if I have an arrest warrant in another state?  What are Fugitive and Out of State Warrants?  NC Warrants Info

Fugitive and Extradition Issues are notoriously complex, as are NC Warrants and the criminal charges related to felony or misdememeanor cases in North Carolina – Bill Powers, NBTA Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist 

NC Warrants for ArrestWhat is Extradition in North Carolina?

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