Should You Drive On a Revoked License?

Driving While License Revoked in North Carolina - Police Cars at License CheckpointYour license to drive in North Carolina is valuable.  Why you shouldn’t drive while license revoked.


What happens if you’re caught driving on a suspended license?

North Carolina drivers who are convicted of driving on a suspended license face pretty hefty fines and penalties.  Driving while license revoked due to an DWI conviction is even more serious.

Driving While License Suspended Law in North Carolina

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There have been major changes to the laws in North Carolina on DWLR.  One of those changes was to break the offense into two general categories:

  • Driving While License Revoked
  • Driving While License Revoked for Impaired Driving

The punishments vary, with the impaired driving revocation being the more serious, or a Class 1 misdemeanor and the lower-level DWLR classified as a Class 3 misdemeanor.


Criminal Misdemeanor Punishment Grid for North Carolina

Misdemeanor Punishment Grid – North Carolina


The North Carolina Department of Transportation / Division of Motor Vehicles DMV can, for each additional conviction of driving on a suspended license add more time on to the initial period suspension.

That normally would be by one year in cases involving an DWI / Impaired Driving revocation.  A second conviction would be expected to cause the suspension to be extended by two years. A third conviction, in addition to incurring more fines and the possibility of jail time, may lead to a driver losing their driving privileges for an extended period of time or even “permanently.”

Contact us for help if you have a suspended or revoked license in North Carolina

If you have had your license suspended or have been charged with driving while license revoked, it makes sense too contact an experienced North Carolina attorney.

At our firm we help people with DMV issues and are available for consultation on issues involving DMV hearings.  Clearly it helps to avoid a conviction in the first place, if that is possible.

Whether it’s our firm or another, we recommend you talk to a lawyer.

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Lawyers who help with license suspension and revocation cases in North Carolina

There are numerous reasons why a driver’s license might be suspended or revoked in North Carolina.

Driving without insurance after an at-fault wreck, convictions for repeated driving violations, being convicted of DUI / DWI, refusing to submit to blood or breath testing, violating the terms of a Limited Driving Privilege, and failing to pay traffic fines, all can lead to a license being suspended and your inability to drive. . .at least legally drive in North Carolina.

If your license has been suspended or revoked, it is yet another criminal offense to operate a motor vehicle in North Carolina. For the purposes of this article, the terms “suspended” and “revoked” are used interchangeably. There are technical differences; yet, as a practical matter, it doesn’t much matter.

If you are driving around without a valid license you can be charged with something called Driving While License Revoked.  In certain circumstances, that can also result in getting arrested in North Carolina.

It just doesn’t make sense to keep driving around illegally.  It can extend the period of revocation, making the chances of eventually getting back on the roads, legally, even more difficult.

The best thing to do is take all traffic matters seriously.  Consider your options.  Consult with legal counsel.  We offer a free, confidential consultation.

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