NC DUI Checkpoint Law

Checking Stations in Mecklenburg County

Checking Stations in Mecklenburg County

DWI Checkpoints are relatively common in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  Many are established by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department CMPD pursuant to the North Carolina Governor’s Highway Safety Program.

It is a complicated area of law, controlled both by North Carolina General Statutes (NCGS) 20-16.3A  and appellate court case law.

Checkpoints are somewhat unique in that people are stopped and questioned without having had committed, or even being suspected of violating a criminal or traffic law.

Normally either “reasonable suspicion” or in some instances, “probable cause” is required prior to “seizure” by law enforcement. License checks and DUI checkpoints are subject to a fair amount of scrutiny by legal counsel and the courts.

Generally speaking, sobriety checkpoints are established:

  • Using a “primary programmatic purposes,” where the Courts review the rationale for stopping motorists on a particular roadway and time; and,
  • Limited in duration and scope; and,
  • Narrowly tailored to achieve the objectives or “purposes” of the checkpoint; and,
  • Do NOT allow discretion by individual officers in determining what particular vehicles to stop; and,
  • Operated subject to a checkpoint plan or policy; and,
  • Subject to supervision by senior level Law Enforcement.

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