Do Drug and Alcohol Treatment Help in Court?

Do Drug and Alcohol Treatment Work In Court?



Modified Transcript of “Do Drug and Alcohol Treatment Help in Court?” for the Hearing Impaired:

Attorneys are also called counselors at law or counselors of law because we do more than just analyze statutes, look at facts in a particular case or take things to trial.

We try to help people.


We try to help people get through difficult times



We try to help people get through difficult times.

In a good number of our cases, whether it be just a simple drug offense or a more serious trafficking charge, driving while impaired or some other felony-related to driving while impaired, it’s not unheard of to have an underlying substance abuse issue, whether it be alcohol, prescribed drugs or even illegal or illicit substances.

Signs of Addiction:

  • Can’t Stop
  • Upset Friends, Family or Employer
  • Risk Taking
  • Secret Use or “Stash”
  • Denial
  • Extreme or Excessive Consumption
  • Financial Difficulties

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While we do not judge people for their lives and their lifestyles, we do encourage people to effectuate change, to become different, to learn from circumstances.

On an annual basis, we may have a client, two or more, and some years there are even more, where we go to court.  We don’t see the client.  We call the last telephone number or address we have to reach out.  We find out the person passed away.

I’ve see this every year.  It’s terribly sad.

To see someone finally succumb to their addiction is heart wrenching.  Whether they’re very successful in what they do or have the world fall in around them, it does happen.

When we meet with people in the office, I want to make sure that they understand that there’s a difference between protecting your legal rights and interests and also trying to help you grow through the process.

You shouldn’t conflate those or confuse them.


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While we will want to challenge legal aspects of the case and we may want to take something to trial, it doesn’t mean we don’t ignore what got you there.

There are a list of different providers of what we call alcohol assessment or drug assessment. Sometimes we give mental health assessments.

We’ll point you in the right direction.

There are some circumstances with impaired driving cases where treatment is not only a good idea, it may be required. It may be necessary. There may be something where you can avoid doing as much jail time or any jail time at all if you do in-patient treatment or maybe if you wear one of the what we call scram bracelets, the remote alcohol monitoring bracelets, that indicate that you’re not using alcohol over an extended period of time.

We’re human beings. We have hearts.


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We care about our clients very much.

We want to do what’s best for you both in the legal sense and also encourage you to get help individually.

Please call us. We’ll point you in the right direction.

The consultation’s free. I look forward to hearing from you.

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