Electronic Bullying and Harassment

Electronic Bullying and Harassment

Cyber Crimes in North Carolina, specifically Electronic Bullying and Harassment, are becoming increasingly common as technologies to share and distribute information advance.

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Electronic Bullying and Harassment Cyber Crimes in North Carolina are covered in North Carolina General Statute

The general purpose of the law against Electronic Bullying and Harassment in North Carolina, and specifically “cyber bullying,” is to prevent others from “intimidating” or “tormenting” another. . .especially children.  The North Carolina General Assembly was careful to include specific prohibitions established to protect minors, among others. As such, it is illegal to build a “fake” profile on social media sites, the internet, etc.  Furthermore, one cannot pose as a minor in chat rooms or via emails, messages or texts.   Powers Landreth - Contact Us - 704-342-4357

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If you’re watching this video right now, either you or someone you care about has probably been recently charged with Cyber Crimes.  Timing is key on these type of cases because you need to get on board at getting materials together.  Because these issues can be very complicated, we encourage people to give us a call.  Our telephone number is 704-342-HELP, that’s 704-342-HELP. At Powers Landreth we offer a free confidential consultation on driving while license revoked and license restoration issues.  We hope to hear from you.

Cyber Crimes in North Carolina – Video Transcript

We are seeing a substantial increase in Electronic Bullying and Harassment Cyber Crimes in North Carolina, and as a culture we may be more and more used to the lack of privacy. I think out culture may occasionally be a little bit more willing to be snarky, online. What I’m seeing increase of, with this technology, are cybercrimes involving stalking, where you have been accused of continually, repetitively, in harassing fashion, bothering somebody. The big trend right now, we’re seeing, is bullying. Where kids are bullying each other, with really terrible facts, and then the child or children that are doing that, are being charged with misdemeanors and in some instances, felonies. People seem to think “Well, maybe sticks and stones may hurt my bones, but texting will never kill me.”  I think, as a culture, and a technology driven society, that has changed. You don’t see a lot of them, but the ones we see are always serious, and I encourage people to give us ring. We’re here to help.

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