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Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyer for North Carolina Car Accidents


*For additional information regarding the criterion for inclusion or membership for lawyer associations, awards, & certifications click image for link.

After an accident or injury several important steps should be taken to ensure that your rights or the rights of your loved ones are protected. First and foremost, seek medical attention! If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, it is not uncommon for pain to occur up to 72 hours after the truck or car accident.

Our bodies will often use adrenaline to help us get out of dangerous situations. A rush of adrenaline can mask injuries from a car crash that you have suffered. If you are in doubt, make an appointment with your doctor to make certain that serious injuries have not occurred.

Second, if you’ve Googled “lawyers near me for representation,” we encourage you to seek and retain legal counsel immediately. We are here to help, with two convenient law offices in Charlotte NC. Because the evidence following a car accident can disappear, it is wise to get a Charlotte car accident lawyer involved in the investigation and evidence-gathering as soon as possible.

Car Insurance Companies Want to Settle NC Car Accident Cases for as Little as Possible

Shortly after an accident or car wreck, you may be contacted by the insurance company for the party responsible for the accident. Lawyers refer to that as “legal liability.” The insurance adjuster may seem friendly and helpful, but it is important to remember that they are working for the insurance company – not for you.

Their goal is to resolve your claim as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Hiring a Charlotte auto accident lawyer may be advisable to protect your legal interests.

If you speak to an adjuster, these conversations are often recorded and may be used in a way that later compromises your claim. Be careful what you say and how you phrase your responses. Indeed, we believe better NOT to speak with the insurance adjustor and seek legal representation immediately if the insurance company is seeking a statement or recorded statement.

If you have already hired a personal injury attorney, you can refer the adjuster to your attorney’s office and limit the direct contact you have with the adjuster.

How a Charlotte Personal Injury Lawyer in North Carolina Can Help

At Powers Landreth, our knowledgeable staff and North Carolina personal injury lawyers can help you with all aspects of your personal injury case. Our lawyers in North Carolina can speak with witnesses and police department personnel.

Our Charlotte attorneys can contact the appropriate insurance companies and coordinate obtaining documentation for medical care, and proof of the expenses (damages from car accidents) such as rental cars and the repair or replacement of your vehicle and other damaged property after an accident.

Zealous, meticulous, experienced, and knowledgeable are just some of the words we use to describe our personal injury attorneys at Powers Landreth.

Our friendly personal injury attorneys in North Carolina can negotiate settlements, file lawsuits and represent you throughout your case. Our attorneys in North Carolina handle a wide variety of personal injury cases including:

Each of the attorneys at Powers Landreth brings courtroom experience, compassion for clients, and dedication to helping people through times of need, to their cases.

We are tenacious litigators, skilled negotiators, and patient listeners.

For your personal injury case, our attorneys believe that the legal system provides useful and important ways to address compensation for injuries caused by other individuals. Once our North Carolina lawyers are onboard, we will work with you, and the often complex legal system, for fair compensation.

If you fell at a grocery store due to a hazard on the floor, were rear-ended by a truck driver following too closely, or lost your spouse or child in a car accident, we want to help protect your claim. For malpractice cases, if you were injured by your doctor, the capable personal injury attorneys at Powers Landreth are here to help.

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Client Reviews
I am so fortunate to have had Bill Powers on my case. Upon our first meeting, Bill insisted that through the emotions of anger, sadness, confusion, and betrayal that I remain resilient. He was available to answer questions with researched, logical, truthful answers throughout our two year stretch together. I went to any lengths for my case because he won my trust almost immediately... J.R.
My daughter had a second DUI and when it all seemed hopeless, Bill was able to get the charges dropped. This is a man who is extremely knowledgeable, yet still keeps his integrity which was impressive to me. He handles himself with dignity. If you hire him, you will have the best of the best, along with his expansive intellect and wisdom about the law. Lisa
Bill Powers’ staff has handled several traffic citations for me over the years, and they exceeded my expectations each and every time. Would highly recommend anyone faced with a traffic citation or court case contact his office and they will handle it from there. M.C.
Bill and his staff are flat out great. I (unfortunately) was a repeat customer after a string of tickets. These guys not only took care of the initial ticket for me, but went the extra mile and reduced my problems from 3 to just 1 (very minor one) on the same day I called back! I would recommend them to anyone. A.R.